my punny valentine

Flowers + chocolates are so two-thousand-and-late. You know what would make the best gift for your sweetheart this year? (Did you answer "cake"? Okay, sure, how about second best, then..?) PUNS! To celebrate Valentine's Day in all it's cheesy glory, I'll be adding a collection of downloadable punny cards for you to give to your valentine, galentine, or even your cat. Just click on the download button below to get your own PDF card to print out! I'll be adding a new card every day until the 14th so check back here to keep up! Plus they're free, sooo take that, cake.

13. "you're the top banana"


*Print single-sided and fold in half. Use the printed PDF guidelines to cut out the card. Any paper works but cardstock or thicker paper is ~fanciest~.

collect 'em all Below

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